It was unthinkable. One day, a million citizens of Metropolis living out their lives. Business, taxes, romance, hardship. The quiet bustle of civilization. The day after: riots, violence, destruction, murder. There was no apparent catalyst. Citizens of all types just snapped and wreaked insane violence against everyone and everything.

The military quickly cordoned off the city, threatening to respond with deadly force if any inhabitants tried to spread the violence further. The world watched in horror as officials weighed up their options: waiting, invading, or obliterating.

But not all citizens went insane. On the outskirts of town, a grab-bag assortment of survivors find themselves in the unenviable situation of being sane, but trapped inside the madhouse. There is hope - a group is trying to convince the Army to organize your rescue. But there's a catch, you need to do something for them first...

Can the survivors get rescued before Metropolis is destroyed? Can they survive the carnage inside the city? Can they find out what caused all this? And most of all, can they trust each other to focus on the good of the party, and not just themselves?

The Day After is a game-in-progress by Cognitive Discodance. It will be single and multiplayer, with numerous AI systems aiding the gameplay of both. Initial release will be for PC, with a hope to release to Mac and other platforms soon after.