The Cop

Miranda Watchman
This city was lost long ago...

As a child, Miranda bounced houses between her alcoholic father and her beleaguered mother. She never really left the ghettos of Metropolis.

Despite this dark past, Miranda grew to be a very strong and independent woman. She was infamous in high school for using her fearsome force of will to claim numerous athletics trophies. While she could have settled for a life away from Metropolis, she decided to stay to try to improve a city like she improved herself. It was for this reason she joined the Metro police.

Her direct approach to life unfortunately wasn't enough to prevent her from wearing down around the edges. After confronting a traditional values (that is, sexist and racist) Captain, Miranda was assigned to street patrol for far longer than usual for a recruit. Especially considering her excellent arrests record. She lost her identification with the ghetto and is part of an unwelcoming police force. Depressed and alone, she gets through the day trying to do good. She wants to help the city, with a word or a fist.


Miranda provides superior combat ability, but has an interesting ethical interplay with some of the other characters. In any other situation, she'd sooner put The Hacker behind bars than put up with his nonsense, but given the chaos she feels better suited as a protector than enforcer. This will be tested when she realizes that one of The Twins might be Metropolis' famous serial killer.

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