The Doctor

Alex Mayur
So I heard this podcast the other day...

Alex is a second-generation immigrant from India. His grandfather had done odd jobs to put Alex's father through medical school. As a result, Alex considers himself totally American and does not take much notice of his Indian heritage. In his eyes, he has a medical heritage.

His childhood and career in medicine have been pretty successful, although he thinks of himself far more highly than others do. Alex constantly engages in self-devised challenges to show his colleagues how much better a doctor he is, like speed trials in applying sutures, or quizzing the older doctors on something he's just read in a paper. He tries to do it with good humour but his strong sardonic take on the world is less than endearing.

He listens to podcasts and reads widely (but shallowly) in an effort to seem "current", and is unafraid to tell people when he thinks their knowledge is sub-par. He has good intentions and does well in the ICU. The nurses dislike him but are entertained by his attempts to be King of the Ward whilst not knowing where basic equipment is located.


In a situation as violent as Metropolis, having a doctor about is vital. Alex provides good support to The Survivors and can often be a rational influence in times of argumentative conflict.

Though when push comes to shove, Alex's quick pragmatism may cut deeply and with lasting consequences.

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