Players form a band of Survivors, each player taking a unique character. Each character has different strengths and weaknesses, but more importantly, secret, selfish goals that may conflict with the party's goal.

Rescue will come in a few days, and only if you have done a favour for them - restore power, decontaminate the water, or steal enough loot to pay for your ticket out!

Survivors travel throughout Metropolis, trying to avoid roaming Psychopaths, opportunistic looters and sights too terrible to bear. They can try to set up shelter and coerce fellow Survivors to help them.


The Day After features turn-based gameplay with real-time social interaction. Players improve their survival odds by sticking together, but when challenged by moral dilemmas, they'll need to discuss and act on their convictions.

This type of gameplay will be supported by multiplayer communication and capable AI team-mates. The game itself will endeavour to test your mettle and moral fibre through an AI storyteller who will throw chaos into the mix.

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