Metropolis City

Nestled in between the mountains and plateaus of the Midwestern United States stands Metropolis. In the mid 1800s, the civic leaders dreamed of turning their booming agricultural center into a metropolitan powerhouse (hence the name). While they watched sister cities Chicago and New York with envious eyes, they steadily maneuvered the city's resources towards greatness. Some historians contend Metropolis' growth was shaded by a gray morality, though no explicit accusations have been levelled.

During the Great Wars Metropolis provided significant support to the US Army in the form of mineral processing and machining plants. Paulson's Goods (now Paulson Industrial) spearheaded this effort and positioned Metropolis as one of the primary manufacturing cities in the mid-northwest. Today, 35% of the United States military-industrial complex resides in Metropolis. The US Department of Defence's Joint Forces maintain a base to the south of the city, and maintain a high-security office compound to the north-east, though it is not advertised whether this has a separate mandate from the Joint Forces.

Until today, Metropolis was a gentle and thriving city. But now that unstoppable violence grips the city, who knows what will become of it?


Metropolis is a huge city, yet at the same time a little sister to great cities like New York, London, Tokyo or Toronto. There is a lot to explore and be wary of. Not only has the populace turned into impulsive psychopaths, but it is rumoured there are other groups running about - extremist survivalists, political malcontents, and a powerful clandestine group of "urban spelunkers".

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Psychopaths Metropolis City