Almost everyone
Male and female
Young and old
It makes me sick! Goddamn sick!
I don't want to do this! I'm sorry!
You ruined my beautiful princess! I'll tear you apart!

The citizens of Metropolis were like any other Americans - a medley of the happy and the sad, the haves and the have nots. Products of tradition, culture, immigration, technology and politics.

One unexpected day, however, that all got tipped on its head. Something fundamental snapped in the minds of many. All the anxieties and repressed rage of a city just came tumbling out. People were heard crying and apologising to their victims as they impulsively crushed their face in. Some committed suicide. Some only did so after taking lives. None of these people had ever dared imagine such a nightmare, but somehow they were compelled to live it out.

At this stage, no-one knows The Truth. Suspicions range from a government-created biological weapon, a terrorist attack, an accidental confluence of fast food additives, or toxic waste, amongst many more ridiculous ideas. All that anyone knows is that Metropolis is a dangerous place to be in. If not for the Psychopaths, then the threat of the military cleaning the slate with nuclear fire.


Psychopaths will form one of many dangers in Metropolis. They readily inflict physical and emotional damage on The Survivors.

Hopefully none of The Survivors' friends and family have been afflicted.

The Cop The Courier The Doctor The Hacker
The Cop The Courier The Doctor The Hacker
The Worker The Serial Killer The Scientist The Spy
The Worker The Serial
The Scientist The Spy
Psychopaths Metropolis City
Psychopaths Metropolis City