The Twins

Joel Jacobson and
Elijah Issac Andrews
Knock, knock. Who's there?

Joel and Elijah are identical twins. When they were barely one year old, their single mother contracted pneumonia and died. The state separated the boys and put them in different foster homes.

Joel grew up with the Jacobsons and had an unremarkable childhood. He did decently in school and joined the workforce after graduating. He wanted to go to college, but somehow got entangled in climbing the lower rungs of the promotions ladder at his workplace. He shuffled from section to section, more-or-less spinning his wheels.

He had a wife but she left him for a rock-climber. His favourite jokes are lightbulb jokes, although he avoids racist versions of those jokes. He's inoffensive and slightly lovable, but always seems doomed to be the second pick in life.

Elijah's story, however, was more bleak. He was shuttled between several foster families during his childhood, and suffered from abuse. Elijah was an excellent student, but was too quiet and withdrawn to make many friends. During his teens he had issues with delinquency, although no-one really knew what he got up to. He had been admitted to college at Metropolis University, but quit within half a year. There he had met a girl and thought he was going to make something of himself. However, when he found out that she was cheating on him (with a rock-climber, what are the odds?) he snapped. One evening as she walked home through the campus, he killed her and threw her body into the river.

Out of shame and guilt he quit university and took menial jobs, preferably ones that he didn't have to interact with anyone. Now and again the dark thoughts arose in him, and he decided to right the wrongs in the world. His second victim was a woman from the Social Services Department who had been instrumental in putting him through abusive foster homes. By his 8th victim, he grew wary of his own dark, twisted impulses and justifications. Seeking redemption he turned himself in to the authorities. The day after, Metropolis went to hell. He escaped custody when the police cruiser taking him to lockup was attacked by three Psychopaths.

Joel and Elijah were (until very recently) unaware of each other. Elijah was outed as a serial killer on the news one night before the disaster, surprising Joel as he saw his own face staring back from the TV. In the chaos of the disaster, Joel expected to be murdered by a mob and tried to hide from this mistaken identity.


A player taking the role of Joel or Elijah will know whether they are a serial killer or not (this will be randomly decided). They will need to pretend to be the innocent one while the other Survivors keep a distrustful eye on them. They may even have to push the blame on the other twin to save themselves!

Both roles have very average skills, although if the red mist descends on Elijah, he can tear through enemies with his bare hands. Joel has a strong influence on the group's luck, but it may be subtle to pick up.

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